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Grey Macabre

My story actually starts out when I lived with a templar that devoted his life
to the All Father...and his kinky wife. Well since he was a templar, he was away alot. He was never really there for his wife. He was always in some war or some battle somewhere fighting for the All Father. Which made the All Father love him.

And because of this his wife cheated on him a lot when he was away on his raids. His wife slept with everyone in the high kings court. There were even rumors that she slept with the high king himself. But thats a different story. Since the All Father loved this templar so much, for the work the templar had done for the All Father the All Father decided to help his esteemed templar take revenge on the templar's wife by giving her an un-natural desire for the first beast she saw. Well the first beast she saw happened to be a wolf hunting in the feilds. With her looks and charm she seduced me to her and well lets just say...well don't worry....

Well do to this she became pregnant with me. To cover this up she put me in the stables with the hunting dogs. I spent about 3 years in the stable, until the templar found out what his wife has been doing, so he had her head chopped off. After that the templar had too much of a herd to kill me so he sold me to a man that invested in dog fighting. Do to the fact that I was a wolf I had the upper hand on all the dogs. Because of this I became a powerful fighter. Soon I was number one in all my fights. I killed all that opposed me, wolf or dog. For the time being I was caught up in the excitement of winning, but in the end i smartened up, killed my master, and decided to run free. I ran by myself for a few years and hunted anything I could for food. From humans to elfs and shades and back to dear and mice. After the years in the struggle of survival I ended up on the door step of a retired crusader. He took me in and fed me. He showed me the ways of the All Father, and showed me how to take human form. Well i stayed years with him until I became old enough in human years to join the army of the church.

I served in the army of the church for several years until i came under
suspision of murder where I was forced to leave and now i find myself in the
army of DD.