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November 2000

November 28 2000-Well not too much news, but as always there is a little. First off General Rennur has recruited Braun and Nisimaster into his Band. I also like the way a lot of people are finally starting to use the forums and the overall activity has increased. We also have some competition in the Top 100 Site Lists. We are on and off the number one spot, but if you guys vote, we'll keep that spot...

November 26 2000-Welcome all to the new age of Death Dreams. I have taken much of the critiscm that has been shot at me into effect and have created the new Death Dreams. I have changed the look of the forums, I have changed the ranks, and I have changed our alignment. I have also changed the Code of Honor around a bit. This is the new age of Death Dreams.

November 20 2000-Recently war was declared on TCE, why you may ask...well Druis Gahrl was a spy for them this whole time. The Crimson Empire is scum, hated by many and loved by few. They have just added another enemy to their already long list. I have also deleted any members that were affiliated with Druis Gahrl. Currently I just restarted the Top 100 List and we still hold the number one spot so keep voting. We also have 2 new members...everyone please welcome Braun and Hugh The Hand.

November 16 2000-Whats up's Hwoody here. As it always is...but I have some news for the members of Death Dreams. Soon me and Vacalev are going to bring Death Dreams back into Diablo 2. We are just working out minor details, but here is what we have so far...First off the website will be based off our current website, Vacalev will lead the group and I also have complete control over the Diablo 2 Division of Death Dreams. Also I have made a new page for the site...a very important one that shows our alignment in the following can see it HERE.

November 14 2000-Well we have a new member...when House Von Wolff disbanded they had members that decided to join us, and our new member is Grey Macabre. Also we have kept our number one spot in the Top 100(20?), which is pretty good.  I have also added a new page to this site...its the pics page. Everyone go check it out HERE. And the last bit of news is that Neyo-Quin is the first Trainee to write a story so he would be one to have in your can see his story HERE.

November 12 2000-I finally was able to do something big with Death Dreams and the Shadowbane community in general. I came from the Diablo community and most of the sites are linked to a Top 100 or Top 50 Diablo sites. So I made one for Shadowbane...which you can see HERE. This morning we were at number one, and hopefully we will still that way so...VOTE! Also Death Dreams was on the front page of Stratics which you can see HERE. We were there for the Thred of The Day which talked about Death Dreams, me, and The Shadowbane Top 100 Lists.

November 10 2000-With the leave of Emile Von Wolff, Blue Dragon has come back to us. Also all members are suggested to start recruiting from other games, the more members we have the better.

November 9 2000-Well after speaking to Emile Von Wolff, they have decided to leave us. There future remains unknown but they will probaly either disband or join TCE. Also we are in talks of an alliance with The Dhrye Legion, and the alliance should be finished and offical in a couple of days hopefully.

November 6 2000-Finally! I could update again...sorry guys for no update, but I lost everything on my computer including this site. So I remade the site with a little changes...the biggest change being that I have a font for the whole page. I suggest you get the font, its called " Village ". We have a new General Story from Rennur which you can see HERE.