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As a General you must effectively control and manage one "band", must scout areas, protect our town and get members. A "band" is a group of DD members who are willing to follow their general's orders. They will usually consist of 4-10 members. There will be many bands and you will have to compete with other "bands" and their Generals to be a top general and have a top "band". If you do not manage a "band" very well then you will go back into The Trainee Pool and someone else will take your spot.
You and your "band" will be given objectives such as patrol the town or go hunting and bring back some gold for our funds. If the emperor does not provide you with an objective then Generals will use their best judgement to find one.
As a General you will have to recruit active members from the Trainee Pool, that you believe will help your "band" the most. You also have the right to drop any member of your band at any time.
You will also have the ability to vote on all Death Dreams matters. Each General has one vote in each topic which you will use to make a decision about Death Dreams. The majority wins and the Emperor only has a vote if it is a tie.
To become a General you must either contact Hwoody or be referred by your General to Hwoody.