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A small red man, an Irekei, and a particularly short Irekei at that, Neyo-Quin was always talented with magic among his race. Unfortunately for him and anyone who happens to fight him, he was outcast from his race of devil-men for being too kind. He is evil to human standards, but even that evil is kindness compared to the rest of his race.

Neyo-Quin is loyal to anyone who shows kindness, but is fiercely prideful and will take revenge on anyone who betrays him, usually by killing the betrayer. He will not kill anyone without a reason, but once there is a reason, he is relentless.

Neyo-Quin met with Hwoody during a battle against the King of the nation before a single guild ruled it. Neyo-Quin was a mercenary who was hired by another guild, but before the siege, the various groups were of mercenaries were mixed up, and Neyo-Quin happened to be under the command of Hwoody. Seeing how Neyo-Quin fought with his spells, Hwoody decided that this was one person who he'd like to have on his side. After the battles were done, he asked Neyo-Quin is he'd like to join his small guild of adventurers as he saw that each guild was going to try to gain control of the Nation and he needed any good fighter on his side rather than on an enemies' side. Neyo-Quin accepted Hwoody's offer for the reason that the mercenaries he worked for were badly organized and would not last long in a guild war where mercenaries would be put at the front lines, serving as fodder for the other guild. So now, Neyo-Quin fights for the cause of Death Dreams to become the rulers of the nation.