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General Rennur

I am General Rennur. I should always be addressed that. Since Swadowbane hasen't come out and reading infomation off the website isn't good enough, I am not sure how to run my band best. I do know that each member must meet these basic requirements:

#1. You must respect those higher in command than you. Ex. Me, the other generals and Hwoody.

#2. You must not act like 5 year olds. I have been in many guilds where everybody acts like an idiot and we never get anything done. The old Death Dreams was the best acting guild I have ever been in and I hope the new Death Dreams is too.

#3. You must play the game. All games require a little commintment so you should play at least a couple times a week. I realize sometimes that you may be busy and I will allow a little slack on this rule. If you play the game you will become a good fighter.

If you follow these requirments and any other that I come up with after the game comes out you will be a good and valued member of my band.