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General Acxrus

To get in my band only requires 3 requirements...
The First Requirement is that you have to be a good fighter, the Second Requirement you have to show some maturity, I will have no people in my band that are going to act like 6 year olds. The Idea is real simple, I will have 1 or 2 people, one at my right hand and one at my left hand depending on how they act and how good they are. To stay as a part of my band you will have to abide by a few simple rules. Rule #1: You will have to be active, most of my men will be on at around the same time. Rule #2: No screwing with other guild or band members, I wont take this...If you have a problem with me or somone else in the guild or band come to me about it before doing somthing you'll regret... like killing them. The Third Requirement is that you back your guildmembers or band mates up, if you watch one of us die and do nothing about it I will kill you myself...There may be more rules added...but for now those are the main ones. I come from UO pking and pvp so I will have no idiots wussies or weaklings in my band. My point on random pking is fine, do it...I would but I'll have to see how that works in Shadowbane first.

-General Acxrus