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Druis Gahrl

Druis's mother conceived him with Djavul Gahrl, a human male Warrior, While in battle against the foes of his kingdom Djavul was slain by a group of self Righteous Knights. On the day of Druis and his brother Shibaris' birth their mother also died, out of shock, the children were born with no pupils, and ashen skin. Raised by the streets eventually Shibaris went of to study the ways of a Warlock, Druis stayed following the Dark Knight's way's to revenge his farthers death. Some say Druis is a bit mad but he views himself as enlightened, hes far from evil, and far from good too. Standing neutral in a battle of people fighting each other, Druis was wandering one day and asked By a Death Dreams General To join.....beacause of Druis's high intelligence and Wisdom, and a good sense of logic, and fine war tactics, he was soon Promoted to Warlord. Now he stands trying to keep the world balanced and the weak under conviction.

-Druis Gahrl