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General Guardian

First off my Game name will be Guardian so that's what you all can call me from now on. I already have a small player base of people for my band all of whom are excellent gamers. My right hand man will be Silec, a good friend of mine that goes back to playing AC(Asheron's Call). I will expect for you to follow his commands as if they were mine. What I have found so far, by reading material about Shadowbane, is that the most effective way to fight is in small units with 5-7 men (or women) per team. I intend to take active control of my whole band most of the time. However there will be times when strategy will require that I divide the band into two groups. When this is necessary Silec will be leading team two. I know that the main reason to play a game is to have fun. For this reason, my
band will have the freedom to go out, have fun and do what they please. I will not try to control everything my band does all the time. Also I am always open to suggestions from anyone in my band.
These are a few basic requirements I have put forth in order to join my
The first requirement is playtime, I want to have a cohesive band that play together most of the time. I will require you to have around the same play time as me and the rest of the band. I am on the west coast and online after 5pm. My second Silec is east coast so the major zones are covered, we manage to play together a lot even with the time difference, so apply if you think you can be on with us=).
The second requirement is that you treat people fairly. Never steal anything from anyone and always deal fairly. If that means you have to give someone else the better end of the deal then do so, but let it never be said that someone from my band ripped anyone off, ever, even an enemy.
The third requirement is that you never kill anyone without a reason. There will NOT be any random PKs from my band. If you see someone from an enemy clan then feel free to kill them. If someone rips you off, kill them, if someone insults you or pisses you off, talk to me
before you kill them, or if I am not online talk to Silec. We don't want to get any stupid wars started because of some petty name calling. It is fine if you want to ask this person to duel but there will be no attacks without consulting either one of us. Who knows, if they are real jerks you just might get the ok. If they are nay sayers of our Guild feel free to kill them also, meaning that they are
ranking on our Guild. It is important to not take crap from people.
The fourth requirement is that you always try to improve you character. If I see that you have not gained a level in a month, provided this is within reason, I will contact you to discuss it and you just might be dropped from my band.
The fifth requirement is training. When the game first comes out, I will require all of my band to practice fighting in formation. None of us know exactly how this is going to work so this is going to be one of the most important duties you will have. Not only do I have to learn the best formations for each situation but you also will have to understand how it all works so we don't get slaughtered in our first conflict. It will be done within our guild. I will lead one team against Silec's team. We will be killing our own band mates, and I think we can all have a lot of fun with this part. Remember this will only be for the first few days we will not be killing each other all the time. Silec will also need this practice. To practice larger formations, we may require the help of another General and his band.
My band right now is made up of experienced online gamers. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of my band you must first tell me what you can bring to the band. I want to know your experience and playing style, and whether you can follow commands. I will contact you after review. Remember just because you make it into my band doesn't mean you will stay there. I only take good gamers. You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

-General Guardian