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July 2000

July 24 2000-OK, before I post the results of the tournament...I was say some things about it. First off, it was decided that Dubeldeen will not stay in the clan and he will remain on the bounty list. Second off I want to thank everyone who came to the Tournament yesterday more members came then I thought they would and that was despite all the lag and server problems going on last night. Also if you didnt get your prizes last night(I got kicked off and couldnt sign back onto server)please just when you see me on message me and we'll make a game. Well here are the tournament results...Gartx placed first and Conrad_Fox placed second. Everyone else who participated will get points for going. I will also be going on vacation for a week, so the clan will continue except don't expect me to answer you guys and besides its only a week. A lot of people also gained rank so if you gained rank you will be posted here. In the Bauldauvian Horde Gartx was promoted to a Master Warrior and Iron_Hand was promoted to a Warrior. In the Speakers of The Night MacabreAnegl was promoted to a Mage. In the Defender of The Light Faction Carrackus and Knight_Death were promoted to Knights. While Conrad_Fox was promoted to the Knight Lord. And in the Counsel of Sorcerresses Ragod was pormoted to a Sorcerress.

July 23 2000-Well here it is...its Sunday morning...the morning of our first Tournament. We currently have 22 members. I have added a different Guestbook that is easier and better to use. That's it for now though..see everyone at the Tournament.

July 21 2000-Well we are getting in a lot of members, we currently have 20 and we have poeple filling out their forms so I'm happy. But on a sad note today Dubeldeen was caught cheating so he is out the clan. If you want details e-mail me. I have also placed a bounty on his head and I suggest everyone chip in a little for his ear. Also everyone please show up for the tournament and that's about it. I will e-mail the clan on details about everything.

July 19 2000-Well we currently have 17 members. Also the tournament is pretty much set up deatils can be found on the tournament page. everyone please show up because it is our first event ok? Also everyone try to gain some rank, not that it is easier to gain rank because I have changed the ranking system so go check it out. Also conratulations to DD_Magus, Dame Sabeurten, and Dubeldeen for they have moved up in their faction. I have a story honoring their hard work on the first page of the web site.

July 17 2000-It's Monday morning and last night we managed to get 4 new everyone welcome Knight_Death, Ragod, BooMagius, and Dame Sabateurten they should both be great warriors for our clan.I also added a Top 5 page which is a page for the Top 5 Members of the clan.

July 16 2000-Finally the Realms are back on so I can go on to play. Well Heywood told me about a problem that people couldn't scroll to the right on the Ranks and Members section so I fixed that. I also changed little things and put in better wording so it's more direct and easier to understand. I added a little excerpt from The Book of Death Dreams on the second page of the website so be sure to check that out. We also have our first allies...The Protectors Of The Prophecy. I hope this will help us in our quest to rid Sanctuary of PKs. You can also check out their website on the Allies Page.

July 15 2000-OK...another new section was added ,the links section, which only has two links. One of them is to the official Blizzard Web site and the other is to ICN. I registered the clan's web site on ICN this morning...if you didn't know it's a web site for all types of clans. I also added a new poll so be sure to go vote, but this is the results of the last poll...72% of you guys think Diablo 2 is the best game of all time!! 17% think that it's one of the best game you've ever played. 6% just think it's an average game...while 3% think it is not as good as they thought it would be and another 3% think it's the worst game of all time...well that's it everyone thank you's go out to everyone who voted.

July 14 2000- We're getting in some new members which is cool also. We also have a bot in the channel Death Dreams by the name of Death Dreams. I also added some more stuff to this webpage...I added a files section which is pretty useful and I also added a better interface for the contact us page.

July 12 2000-The site has been updated a bit...I know have the ranks done and the ranking system(finally=)). Every current member of the guild has a rank now. I suggest everyone goes <This link's target cannot be found> to see the ranking system because it is a little complicated. I have also added some more rules so you can check out those too. Well that's it for today.

July 10 2000-Well its Monday morning and we still haven't gotten into the Top 5...oh well we managed to make it into the Top 8 again=). Ok guild members we need MORE MEMBERS!! Blizzard is releasing a new patch today so maybe the servers will be up more times. I also need ideas for the first guild tournament. I might make it like an Easter egg search...we all go and clear out the Maggot's Lair in Act 2 and then we have money or weapons dropped in the maze and have the guild members go and search.

July 8 2000-The guild is finally starting to take off...this morning we were number 8 in the Top 200 Diablo sites...a couple more votes and we would be in the Top 5. Portley managed to get in 2 members for the guild. Also the ranking names have been changed to add variety...if you guys have better names please e-mail them to me. I'm trying to find a way for the rankings...I might make it a point system...if so keep coming back because I will keep this site updated.We also got a new member, his name is Dragon-BC. Also I am planning for out first guild event which will probaly be a tournament of some sort, When we get at least 8 members. The tournament will probably be a 4 on 4, a free-for-all or a ladder tournament. More information will be posted on the web site once the details are straightened out. I also added a Poll for everyone to when you get a chance stop by and fill it out. I also added a bulletin board so you guys are free to go and say whatever you guys want.We also need if you guys decide to go to other Diablo web sites ask for an alliance.

July 7 2000-Well today we got our first members...JamieMadroxxx,Portley and Virtus EtEmos. We also have our own channel now it is on the USEast server and it is called "Death Dreams". Don't be surprised if this web page gets a makeover for the better, JamieMadroxxx knows a lot about computer language and he is probably gonna give this site more graphics