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August 2000

August 31 2000-Hello everyone...after staying here for a while I have decided on making multiple Officers. That means that if you applied to be an officer you will recieve you're position in you're desired field. So here are you're new officers...Allandra will be running The Fight Club. Also about The Fight Club I hope everyone shows up and I will post the times of The Fight Club here on this page. We also have three war leaders...Glaurang, KillMasta, and Cobalt_Dragon. Our Public Relations Officer will be Spaz-God. And finnaly our Treasurers will be Ragod DD_Rennur. Also about the armory it will stay closed for a while because I am trying to implement a good system of having items given out and taken in. All officers on the Officers page is a description of what you have to do and you're weekly pay of points.

August 30 2000-Sup everyone, as you all know Flukke is now the Prince of Death Dreams and he had something to say about him becoming the Prince of Death Dreams and the clan in general and what he is going to do for the clan..."Hey guys this is Flukke. I am just lettign everyone know that i am the new appointed Prince of Death Dreams by Hwoody. I want to let everyone know I will do the best I can to help out everyone in the guild and you all will not be disappointed in my work. I have starting looking for new allies and warring guilds. We will become the greatest DiabloII clan out there if we can all work hard at it. Good Luck to all of you. -Flukke Prince of Death Dreams". Also I am going to appoint the positions of the new officers tommorow. I also have added ALL the details for the officers work and several new notes for the officers.
August 29 2000-Hey guys...OK, I've been pretty busy trying to remake the whole site. I am looking at several designs and hope to make them come into play soon. Also I have appointed Flukke as the Prince of Death Dreams, that means that he is the second in command. Also about the webpage, make sure to check out the Death Dreams movie I made HERE. I also changed little things on the site which you probaly won't notice, but they are out there. Also The Fight Club will open up this Sunday. We will meet in the channel Death Dreams and Allandra will run the show. I am also changing the Domain name, and I will e-mail you the site soon.

August 27 2000-Ok, I am now appointing four officers. The War Leader, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and Fight Club Leader. On the Officers page there is a description for each job and a little note everyone should read.

August 26 2000-Well I'm here and I've updated the site a little bit. First I have put in a "Send News" Form so if you guys have any news it's just a little bit easier fr you guys. Also you now need a password to enter the Members section, if you didn't get you're password e-mail for it and you'll get in. Also finally the Armory has re-opened and I have decided on using quality control. If you're item is not good enough to be posted on the site and given away then that item will not be accepted by the Armory. Now onto the Fight Club..."The Fight Club" section of the site is up and running. I just changed the colors around a bit so you don't see the same red and white you see on all of these pages. I also have a new slogan for Death Dreams and here it is..."Death comes to those whose don't Dream about being at the Top". I hope you guys like it...if you don't e-mail me with something better.=)Also on a sadder note, DD_Magus has been kicked out of the clan for CHEATING oter people out of their items...goes to show you guys..DON'T CHEAT!

August 24 2000-Ok, here we go...a couple days ago the merger with Delta Squad was almost ready to go down until something happened. At first I acted like an ass and I really messed up. I am here to admit my mistake and if you would like to see what happened go to this are going to Delta Squad's Forum and there is the whole story. Visit HERE. Read the ones posted by me. Also I have been hard at work working on a new system for the armory and I have also been busy working on The Fight Club. I am also accepting applications for certain positions in the clan such as War Leader and Publi Relations Officer and the Leader of the Fight Club. I have also added 2 new scetions, the Fight Club section and the Officers section so go check that out. Before reading this please go visit the Delta Squad forum...I apoligize to Delta Squad and Striker_Ds and mostly to you guys, because I make you guys look like assholes.

August 22 2000-OK, our clan has three "events" scheduled that I have to plan out. First we have the war, then we have the recruiting contest, and finally we have the final event "The Fight Club". So I need you're help...I nee you guys to give me candidates for our enemies, I also need ideas for "The Fight Club", which was propsed by Allandra. Also I have decided to drop the Recruiting Contest and concentrate on what I think are better projects. We also have the merger in the works. Also the armory MIGHT not re-open Sataurday Morning as planned. The armory is a great idea, but needs a little fine tuning. I might inplement some sort of quality control or something where you guys run the armory a little more. So as you can see I need EVERYONE'S help, to give me ideas for the Fight Club, the War and Armory. I also need people to start applying for certain positions in the clan...the following positions are currently avaiable(If you want more details on the requirements and what you must do as an officer send me an e-mail or post something on the forum)War Leader, Public Relations Officer, Treasury(Armory) Controller and that's it for now. Oh and I also added a new Poll, so go check that out.

August 20 2000-Well here's some news for everyone. 2 of our Top Members have returned...Dade_Fox and DD_Magus. Also KillMasta has been the first person to reach 1000 points so Congratulations to him. Also we now have allies(finally), it's a very small group that just got started and I've decided to help them since we were there one time too. You can check them out HERE. I am also planning a recruitment contest so stay tuned for that.

August 18 2000-Well the Tournament is over and the champion is.........KillMasta! First off a huge Conratulations to everyone who came without you guys we wouldn't have a tournament. Congratulations to everyone who got pass their class in the duels, those people are Vacalev who passed in the Necromancer Class,Allandra who passed in the Sorcerress Class and KillMasta who passed, KillMasta who passed in the Barbarian Class and Armideus who passed in the Knight Class. Also everyone who has not recieved their prizes please either e-mail me with a time and date or ICQ qith a time and date and I will get back to you.

August 16 2000-Ok...I have e-mailed everybody an important e-mail so go read it=P. Also the armory will be closed until the Tournament is over.

August 15 2000-Ok, unfortuneatley Lul_Thyme has decided to quit the clan, because he dosen't spend time on Diablo 2 and is moving on to bigger and better things. Well it's been fun knowing you Lul_Thyme good luck with you're life. Also Miss_Pain has been dropped due to inactivity.

August 14 2000-Well the Armory is up and bigger and better then ever. Also more details on the Tournament have been posted uner Guild Events.

August 13 2000-We have some big news here...a possible merger with another clan is in the works. They are called Delta Squad and can be found HERE. They are a small, but elite gropu of Diablo 2 Players. If you have any ideas, questions, or comments about this merger please post at the Tavern.

August 12 2000-Well I've returned a day early from camping due to rain so that sucks, but anyways the Armory will be opening Monday Morning. Details for the Tournament are the following, it will take place next weekend and it will be a tournament betwwen ourselves. We will have a Free-For-All in each class...the winner of that class goes on to face the winners of the other classes. We will also have an armory and we need weapons, gold and gems for the tournament so any of that will be well appreciated. Also concerning the Armory is the way it works it goes like check it out HERE, you pick out an item, tell me what item you want and if I decide you are worthy of the item you get the item as soon as possible.

August 11 2000-Hey everyone...well we finally have 30+ members. Also I will be gone from August 11 until August 14...well that's it for now. Also since I will be gone the armory will be closed until Monday, so please do not ask me for any items. Also another Tournament is coming up next weekend I will post details here.

August 8 2000-I have made the new ordering system so if you guys want to use it just go to the Tavern and out the item you want and you bounty. We currently have 26 members with around 3 more waiting so I'm pretty happy. Also I want to congratulate everyone at the top of their faction for working hard for you're spot. Those people are DD_Dragon from the Keepers of The Earth, GartX from the Bauldauvian Horde, DD_MagikNinja from the Speakers of the Night, Dade_Fox from the Defender's of Light, and Sabateurten from the Counsel of Sorcerresses.

August 6 2000-Well there aren't many updates but I have decided to implement a new system into this clan. It's gonna be a "ordering" system. It'll be located at the Tavern. It works like this - you post the item you want and a bounty. If someone brings the item in then they get paid the bounty. Also congratulations to Dade_Fox for being promoted to Apprentice Paladin and congratualtions to DD_Magus and DD_Dragon for they have been promoted to Arcane Amazons. I also made the Armory WAY easier by putting up pictures of the items.

August 4 2000-OK...this came in last night...I found out Dubeldeen was a spy. He told me himself and he said that his "secret" clan is watching us...this could be a start of a war so everyeon get prepared for battle. We also recieved our first bounty on Cable-Guy and his ear an be seen at the enemies page. Thats all for now.

August 2 2000-Well I'm back from vacation and I have a lot of writing to do so here we go. Well first off I have a new poll so be sure to vote! Here are the results for the last poll...the question was who is you're favotie character in Diablo 2...30% went to the Barbarians,23% went to the Necromancers,17% went to the Amazons and 15% went to both the Paladins and Sorcerresses. Here is some bad news for everyone...we currently have no allies...our only allies was disbanded recently so if you guys know anyone please help us find allies. We also have our next guild event coming up if its possible please start contributing items for the clan.