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October 2000

October 27 2000-We have a new member that came and will be under Guardian's band...everyone welcome Rathnor. Also at the offical Shadowbane site some of there disciplaines were updated which you can see HERE.

October 26 2000-Finally...after four days of almost no news...there is some! First off congratulations go out to Druis Gahrl..why? Well because I said so...but no that's not the reason...he was on the frontpage of stratics today, but I'm not telling you why you'll have to go see yourselves...HERE. We also have a new member...Hector, he is a pretty cool guy and has his own guild that will sub-guild us, but I can't post about that now. In about a week or two I will post all the details about his sub-guild and Death Dreams. Also the alliance with Co13 is back in order and looks to be going the right way. And finally Wolfpack has released its Class to Discipline table which you can see HERE.

October 22 2000-We have a new member...Dade Fox from the old Death Dreams. Dade Fox was the first winner of Death Dream's first ever Tournament, so you should all praise him=). Also we have scheduled out first meeting...details can be found HERE. More details will be posted soon as they come in. Also General Acxrus's requirements are up which you can see HERE. The site has recieved minor changes that will make navagation easier. Changes include the deletion of the annoying mouse trail and a new members page.

October 21 2000-Not too much news...but Blue_Dragon was sent over to Emile Von Wolff, so he'll be there from now on if your wondering. I also changed some of the stuff on the site..just some miscellaneous things. We also have a new member...Kobaz Mi'Daire.

October 19 2000-Today was a really dry day, but there is a little bit of news...~knetemann/"Emile Von Wolff has changed their banner and their ranking system which you can see ~knetemann/Frame.html"HERE.

October 18 2000-Well we have two new members today..everyone welcome Stasis who was recruited by Druis and welcome back Glaurang from the old Death Dreams. Also I must commend everyone one a job well done, generals are sending me their stories and people are using the forum. On that topic...General Blue Dragon has given me his general "story", which you can see HERE, I suggest you go check it out.

October 17 2000-No real news except we have three new members...everyone welcome Neyo-Quin, he was from the old Death Dreams and everyone also welcome Black Marlin and Brisbane. Also the next part of Gringle Gorebolde's story is can see it HERE.

October 16 2000-Well here's some good news...we have our first General story. This story will provide an example to all of the generals who haven't written one can see it HERE. We also have a new member..everyone welcome Excaliber. And here's some bad news...Hex Adraien has quit the guild, we talked and he wished us the best as we do to him.

October 15 2000-Almost no news except that people are actually starting to use the forum and we have a new member...Silek. Guardian recruited him from his old guild and as always he should prove benefical=).

October 14 2000- Well I attended one of Nex's meetings the other day and let me just say it was horrible. It had to point at all...just a lot of guilds flaming each other. Hopefully there will be another one soon this is more organized=). In other news the Shadowbane site was updated today with 5 new Disciplines and Classes. Among those were the Black Mask, Blade Master, Dark Knight, Gladiator, Knight, Rune caster, Werebear, Wererat, and Werewolf. Be sure to check them out. Also we have a new member from the old Death Dreams...Nisimaster. We also have a new member who should prove benefical to the guild...Guardian.
October 12 2000-Well here's some news...we have a new member from the old Death Dreams...everyone welcome back Rennur. He was a great member and I hope he will be even better now=). His rank as a general is stil pending so that isn't final.

October 10 2000-Not too much new, but there is some. First off we have a new alliance with a guild called Bushido. They are a guild from the far east, they follow the ways of the ancient oriental. I suggest you visit their site HERE.In other news...we were featured on the frontpage of Startics earlier. We had a guild interview which you can view HERE.

October 8 2000-Not much news has been going on and Gringle Gorebolde have been working on his site and Blue_Dragon has been working on his story. I did contact all the old members of Death Dreams in the hopes that we will get more members. Also tommorow we will be represented in the Nex Imperium meeting. After talking to their guildmaster they are allowing us so SHOW UP! The meeting will be on IRC and it will be on the server in the Nex channel. The first meeting tommorow, Monday October 9 2000 at two seperate times. The first one is at 2 PM Pacific Time and the second is at 9PM Pacific Time. Also you guys have to recruit and use the forum! I'm working hard for you guys...all you guys have to do is use the forum!

October 4 2000-Here's some pretty good news...House Von Wolff has decided to join us as our second Sub-Guild. They have a very professional site and EVERYONE should go check it out ~knetemann/"HERE. Also the alliance with Council of Thirteen MIGHT go through.

October 3 2000-Well I finally finished the new site. It is totally different from our last one and I hope everyone likes it. I will also be adding more sections soon. One of the major changes I have made are to the ranks sections, there you will find a slew of new ranks. In other news, I have decided that the alliance with the Council of Thirteen will not go though as planned for many reasons. But we do have apossiblity of another sub-guild joining us. The guild is called House Von Wolff and currently has 4 members. I'm not sure what their site is, but as soon as I get it I will post it here. Also I suggest all members start talking to each other through ICQ and start using the forum, it'll help our guild have a stronger bond with each other.

October 2 2000-Well this is our first news in Shadowbane, but here goes. Gringle Gorebolde is going to make his own guild. Deatils will be released and he will be a sub-guild of ours. Also all members please start using the forum, and visit the site because I'm going to spend a lot more time on it. I have spoken to the man in charge of allies at Council of Thirteen and an alliance is in the works. Well that's it for now.