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September 2000

September 6 2000-Hey guys, just wanted to tell you guys that I have started school and I won't be on in the morning, but I will be on at night=). After thinking about new recruits I decided to post some guidelines concerning new recruits. I have decided to go into selective recruiting because we have a large enough clan, and it'll help us get noticed.Do not recruit anyone if they fall short of ANY of these guidelines. First off they must be Level 20. Second, they must not have any tags on their names. Such as TBK~Necro or Paladin_HT or Amazon FJ. They must not have any stupid names such as Ms.Bigboobs or Mr.ManPimp. Also they must have good attitudes..this is the number one rule...they MUST have good attitudes. I will also post these guidelines under the "Code of Honor" section.

September 4 2000-I'm disappointed after hearing what happened from Flukke, and if you didn't show up this is what happened. Well around 14 members showed up so that was good as attendance always is. Everything was running as planned until about 10:30 when things started to get out of hand. Members started being insulted by one anothers and everyone started talking and they wouldn't stop. So a new rule has been made, and the rule is "The person in charge of the event is to be respected at all times and they will have a "gavel", the moment the person says order, everyone stops talking." Then I was told that when everything was set the servers crashed. Despite this I know next time, when I'm there this won't happen=). Seriously guys though, Flukke told me it started getting really out of hand. So don't insult each other and I don't want to here complaigning on which teams you are on or how you died...ok? I want everyone who showed up at The Fight Club to post on the fourm what they think happened last night and how to prevent that next time. Also we all decided to start voting again so we become number one on the Top 200. We owe it to everyone who works hard for the clan and for yourselves. So please everyday vost for us on the Top 200. Also here are the results for The Fight Club...DD_Nisi won the under level 20 fight. Vacalev and TheBlueMage won the Tag Team match. Also SavageSpike has lost all his items because of the sverers, they dropped them out and someone took them. So if you have any items for him that could help him out please give him some. Also due to what I said yesterday we managed to make it to Number 14 on the Top 200, about 4 more votes and we'll be number one SO EVERYONE VOTE!

September 3 2000-OK guys I really want everyone to show up at The Fight Club, I think it'll be fun and it will really help out the clan. Also the armory is finnaly back on track and all Treasurers please sit tight, OmompaDip is working a nice looking site for the armory. The times for The Fight CLub will be from 9-11PM Eastern time.