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The Code of Honor

. . .Thus sayeth the king and his word is law. . .

"Each of us are judged by gods and mortal kin, upon a greater truth behind our words and actions. We call this Honor. To have less than Honor is to have nothing. Indeed without Honor thou wilt be proclaimed CRAVEN by your King and Guild; to be stripped of title, membership, and rank; or even to be cast out as outlaw without benefit of TREE and GUILD."

1."In Fealty to thy King, and loyalty to your Guild, your vows declare you to be obedient and respectful toward those chosen by your king: Our generals who lead our armies in battle, Our diplomats who represent our words to others,
and those who by Our command or Guild directive possess
title or rank above you. Your Guild is your life and your King is the Law."

2."We hold together by a commonality of purpose, shared goals, and by necessity, in defense of the Realm. As such, I declare these things to be forbidden by King’s Law: to belittle or harass, provoke, incite, or bait, for any reason, your fellow guild members or any under the protection of the King’s Law or Guild directive. We must mesh our collective strengths and weaknesses, promote exchanges of ideas and experiences, to prevail in our purpose, our shared goals, and in our defense of the realm. To do less is to diminish Honor."

3."Casualty or Mayhem inflicted upon fellow Guild members, Citizens of the Realm, those protected by King’s Law, Diplomacy or Guild directive, unless stated otherwise by King’s Decree, unless proscribed in battle training, unless formally petitioned to Me, as a final resort, by both parties, is prohibited by Law."

4."Honor and Duty through Fealty to your King means you are Loyal to your King, your Guild and the Realm. The highest crime is Treason. Treason is any action contrary to King’s Law or Guild directive, Refusing any order from those higher in Rank, whether in Peace or War. Traitors are to be publicly proclaimed to be CRAVEN, cast out from TREE and GUILD, and to be Killed On Sight within the realm."

5."To meet our purpose, reach our goals, and provide for our defenses: We must sustain our battle readiness, provide security and well being for our citizenry, promote growth, and provide for a healthy economy. Each citizen of the realm shall provide to the realm, a portion of their gains. through adventure or misadventure, to the Treasury of the Kingdom. By adding to the King's and thus the Guild's wealth, you make it possible for the Guild to help any of our members in times of need. All will benefit and the Kingdom will Prosper."

6."Apprise your King and your Guild of your accomplishments, discoveries, and explorations throughout the realms. Should disputes or feuds arise with other members of other guilds or kingdoms; petition your King for redress and direction."

7."Represent your King and your Guild with Honor towards others in the Realms. Your words and conduct should promote Death Dreams in a positive light. Shun unfair advantage in  combat or  discovery. Take only what is your fair share of any grouping. Donate that which you don’t need to your fellow guild members."

8."Provide no information of any kind, to any other that
seeks to delve into our private inner workings. Seek no independent alliances that may subvert our Honor is the eyes of others. Refer all contacts or requests for information to the King or your Guild."

9."Above all, be true to your roleplayed character, their feelings, their motivations, their interactions with others in the realm. Allow your character room to become more than what you imagine him to be. But remember it is only a game, and only a character, and don’t take anything from the game back to the real world."

10."When asked to appear in King’s Council, an Agenda will be announced, and each shall speak when asked to do so by the King. Everyone is encouraged to participate in matters of State. A strong Citizenry makes a strong Realm. When asked, put forth your ideas or opinions as simply as possible. Do not argue with or interrupt anyone who is speaking . To do so shall cause your loss of Council attendance and the King’s ear. Hold your thoughts and opinions till all have had their say. You may then petition (through private tell) for further audience at the King’s or your Guild’s discretion."

11."The King decrees that Crests, Guild Tokens, any means of Identity, such as Shields or Clothing, Shall possess Death Dream’s colors of Orange-Red. Wearing White or Black is also acceptable. Be it known to all that these are Our Colors, all who are Loyal Subjects of the King, and Members of our Guild, Death Dreams."

"Thus sayeth the King, Hwoody, Sovereign High Lord of Death Dreams, its Citizens, Guilds, and Territories. The Kings word is the Law of the Land. The Guild’s strength lies in the Honor of its members."