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Feburary 2001

Feburary 27 2001-Not much news, but we are having a growth spurt. We have a new member whose name is Furr Carcass Skinner. Well that certainly tells a lot about him=). Then there are other tidbits here and there, most of it has been posted in our forums which you can get to by clicking on the underlined lettering.

Feburary 7 2001-We have 2 new members...Aderyn and Kelemvor Lyonsbane...who have both posted EXCELLENT intros in our forums. DD is on a role....and so is Hwoody. I have now landed a job at Shadowbane Stratics. My first newspost can be seen HERE and the movie I made for them can be seen HERE. Also when viewing the movie..wait until the very end:).

Feburary 4 2001-Well we have another new member...everyone welcome Pseudo(Starrow Whistler). We also had the meeting yesterday which was a disaster because almost no one showed up. People that did show up? Kain The Howler, Garts, Gringle, Nisimaster, Neyo-Quin, Bruan and me. On another subject forum activity has picked up so good job everyone and last but not least I have added the chatlog of the first Guild Debates where we participated you can find it in Guild Events...but since I know your lazy I'll give ya a link like I always do:). HERE.

Feburary 3 2001-Well we have a new member...Kain The Howler who has posted an EXCELLENT Rp Intro in our tavern, which you can see HERE. Gringle Gorebolde has now become our ambassador so congrats to him and finally Wolfpack has released around 20 new go check them out HERE.