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January 2001

January 27 2001-Gringle Gorebolde has returned! Yes it is true and he is asking all of DD to help get us somewhere. On Stratics they are hosting a is called "Color Me Bad". They give you a whole bunch of pictures and you have...color them in. The grand prize is a week's worth of news on your guild in need 30 far it is Hwoody and Gringle...if you want in contact either of them.

January 26 2001-Well we finally are starting to get in news. First off the info-dump was released on Friday, it contained lots of information on guild defenses and how towns are made. I have posted that in the forums...secondly last night DD was represented in the guild debates. ..there we had the second largest presence(with 9 people) just behind LOTD with 10. The topic of discussion was alliances where we backed up our stance on how good guilds will have strong allies. And finally we will have our first meeting next Saturday @9PM ESt time on mIRC-Channel-Death_Dreams.

January 20 2001-Looks like WolfPack has fooled us once again. Friday night was supposed to be the infodump..but none...just six new screenshots whcih you can see in our tavern...HERE. Also Grey macabre has left the guild...

January 9 2001-Well we have a real flash movie now. It was made by Grey Macabre...VERY spectcaular and you can see it HERE. YOU HAVE TO GO SEE IT NOW!

January 6 2001-Not much news, except that we have a new banner which you can see HERE.

January 1 2001-Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...and overall Happy Holidays! Well we have worked hard for the past two weeks and managed to bring in a lot of new stuff into DD. This is how to start off the New Year with a bang. First off...we hae a new ally...everyone welcome The Nameless can see them HERE. We also have 2 new banners which helped us make a new page(The Banner Page) which you can see HERE. We also have a movie! Its a plain and simple movie but a movie can also see it in the banners page. I have also added the addresses for the banners so you can easily just copy and paste it into your signature. I have also changed the buttons on our forums to more match our site. Hmm..what else? We also have a new member...everyone welcome Ganjabis Deherty. And finally Undead Creeper has made his story..and I must say....VERY can see it HERE.