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December 2000

December 18 2000-Not much news...except we have a new banner which you can see HERE.

December 16 2000-Sorry for such the long update on the page..there's nothing to say. Well there is a little...first off we hae a new domain. The new URL is Also Blue Dragon has join Guardian's band so congrats to him.

December 8 2000-WOOOOOOOHHHHHOOOOO!! Wolfpack has updated the site...a lot, and there is sooo much to report. Just know that they released some new screenshots..7 screenshots of character creation some other stuff which you can see HERE.

December 7 2000-Well Death Dreams is up and running in Diablo 2 again. Vacalev is running the Diablo 2 part, which you can see HERE. Also, I was asked by the leader of The Frost Horde to place a link for everyone to vote for can vote HERE. He told me to pick Text E...

December 5 2000-FINALLY WOLFPACK HAS UPDATED THE SITE! Well if you didn't know this week is character creation week. They have started by updating the human race which you can see HERE. They also updated the Dwarves where you can see HERE. I would also like to commend all of DD for the high level of activity they have recently shown. We also have a new member...GARTS!

December 3 2000-Well we have moved into mIRC. mIRC is a chat program that's pretty complicated, but I will help you learn how to use it if you need the help. We are located on server-Irc.Stratics.Com, and in the Channel-Death_Dreams. You can get mIRC HERE.When everyone gets mIRC, everyone has to start going into the chatroom, so we can have a closer guild bond=). We also have to start using the forums, as in a pre-beta game the inactive rate is really high.
 Also Gringle Gorebolde has left the guild, so everyone say your goodbyes.